5 Top Herbs for Your Hair and Skin

Do you know that herbs aren’t only awesome for cooking and drinking? Yes! There are lots of amazing herbs that excellently give your hair and skin the beauty and care they deserve. Here in this article, we shall take you through the 5 top herbs that shouldn’t be found missing in your Skincare and Hair products. 

Herbs are harvested from various plants and they are used to prepare foods, added to certain drinks, and also used as ingredients for skincare and haircare products. It is good that you opt for products that are enriched with varieties of herbs like the ones at lotusradiance.com as they are very healthy to use and are effective.

5 Top Herbs for You

They are; Camphor, Amla, Bhringraj, Stinging Nettle, and Pygeum. We shall look at the benefits of these Herbs for your skin and body.



  • Camphor
  •  Camphor is extracted from the wood of the Cinnamomum Camphora tree and it is loaded with great anti-inflammatory properties. This herb is a well-known traditional ingredient for healing certain diseases but only a few people know that it works wonders on hair and skin too. Here are some of its benefits that would amaze you:

    • It strengthens hair roots
    • It highly boosts hair growth
    • It soothes and moisturizes the skin

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  • Amla
  • Amla- also known as Gooseberry, can be traced to India. Amla powder is made from the grounded leaves of Gooseberry. Apart from being a great medicine for treating certain health conditions, it is also very good for your hair and skin. Here are some of the benefits of the oil: 

    • It prevents dandruff 
    • It prevents early greying of hair
    • It reduces pigmentation and improves good skin tone.

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  • Bhringraj
  • This herb can also be traced to India and it is obtained from the leaves of a plant known as “False Daisy". It is added to some medicinal drinks and it is also added to some hair care products.

    Some of the benefits of Bhringraj are:

    • It strengthens the hair
    • It reduces dandruff
    • It helps soothe inflamed skin

  • Stinging Nettle
  • This herb is known to be a natural beautifier for skin and hair. Stinging Nettle-  Urtica dioica- is a member of the mint family and it is loaded with great healing properties and fibers. It is added to herbal teas and is also an awesome ingredient in many beauty products. Stinging Nettle has the following benefits:

    • It is great for Acne treatment 
    • It is excellent for improving Alopecia
    • It defeats dandruff!

  • Pygeum
  • Pygeum Africanum is a herb that is obtained from the bark of the African Plum tree- sometimes called the African Cherry tree. This herb has a lot of health benefits and is also one of the herbs that you should always make sure you have got in your beauty products. Some of its benefits are: 

    • It helps eradicate hair loss
    • It fights against inflammation 
    • It enhances blood flow to the scalp

    Herbs are really good and they do an excellent job when it comes to maintaining good looks. These herbs promote the natural beauty your skin and hair have got- always make sure you go for them!

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