About Us

About the Company

Founder & CEO of Lotus Radiance™, E'Rika (Rika) Chambers, began her natural hair journey in 2013 after noticing a gradual decline in the health of her hair due to continued use of chemical relaxers.  Her hair thinned, became brittle, and eventually broke off. Her goal was HEALTHY HAIR.
Determined for a solution, she conducted extensive research on natural hair growth and was happy to learn that there was an online community of natural hair women sharing their own journeys.  After years of study and practice, she aided her hair back to health.
Rika calls herself “the mad scientist" because she constantly experiments with nature’s finest herbs and exotic ingredients - testing its claims and abilities.  She strongly believes that Mother Nature has everything the human body needs to heal itself and her incessant determination to infuse the right blend captures the very essence of her “madness”. Lol. 
One of her favorite experiments is the "Mango & Aloe Hair Butter."  After accidentally throwing together this concoction while in a hurry out the door, she was surprised by how moisturized and shiny her hair remained that day.  She knew the benefits of each ingredient and knew that it couldn't have gone wrong … AND she was right! She shared this product with her friend, a newly natural, and she was blown away!  Word quickly spread about Rika’s “mango blend” and she has shared the Lotus Radiance™ Mango & Aloe Hair Butter™ with numerous friends and colleagues since.
The mission of Lotus Radiance™ is to provide quality products using nature’s best ingredients.  We strive to give each customer a memorable experience and great results. Always Remember That Your Beauty Is Bright™.
---Rika C.
Founder + Owner of Lotus Radiance